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I vaguely remember seeing this film as a youngster so I went into it with an open mind, as a result the only thing that made it obvious this was quite a streamlined cut was the runtime itself. I didn't notice any jumps in narrative, each scene flowed naturally from the previous one and video and audio seemed smooth for a low budget film from the 50's. I have had a look since at some of the untouched scenes and really appreciate how much chaff the editor has managed to eradicate from film which works in the films favour even if it does make the runtime quite brief for a main feature. Where the edit really shines though is in how with clever and quite intricate editing it manages to give some menace and agility to what is essentially a clumsy bloke in a rubber suit who can't see where he is going. It's not a stretch to say the film now has quite an affinity with Jaws and I remain convinced a young Speilberg was heavily influenced by this film. It's certainly evident in this edit that it has some striking similarities and now has a more Jaws like pace too. Highly recommended for any fan of old B movies, it's also an excelent quality print for its age. I give this B+ edition an A-

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