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I didn't hate this movie when it was in theaters but I did have a lot of problems with it. One of the main unchangeable things about it is the weak villain. Just not enough to him, kind of boring. I also hate how under-utilized Kate Mckinnon was. She needs to be given characters with more range, she could do so much.

Some jokes I liked by the tour guide were cut, but making him more purposeful and tonally consistent was a necessary trade-off and makes the set-up more grounded.

The editing is wonderful, love the stream-lining of jokes and scenes in general. It just makes it feel like you're watching a movie again instead of waiting through !COMEDY! to get to story again. It took something I enjoyed already and made it into an actual movie.

I don't like that the big fight between the leads was kept. I didn't like it in the movie and I don't feel like it needed to be addressed in this cut either (even though I am thankful that it's been cut down). The added in deleted scene of them hashing things out in the courtyard feels very stagey for the purpose of emotional exposition. Them putting such on-the-nose clear words to all the themes and problems of the movie just takes me right out of the story. It doesn't help that the noise floor is audibly much louder than surrounding scenes.

I think it works to have them be at odds interpersonally and then things just get better. Without the confrontation, it never really feels that intense of a feud anyway (especially in this edit). They get a little pissed and then they help each other out and are good again. It's like most friendships in real life and makes sense with the lightness of the first Ghostbusters which also didn't really have high emotional stakes. It's not that I don't care that there's this gaping hole, I really don't feel the relationship's arc needs anything explicit to be effective and understood. It's a very simple arc.

Overall, really liked it. Most definitely replaced the original for me and makes for a good narrative comedy instead of an improv fest. Great job.

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