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This is the best version the 2016 Ghostbusters! The extended version was overly long with too many jokes going too long. The theatrical version was shorter, but TM2YC shows that they cut out the wrong bits.

Is this perfect? No, but that's because of the available material.
Did I want to see Bill Murray? Yes, but he was rightly cut. His main scene was frustrating: Murray's character was tedious and flat, and to move the plot forward he made Erin release the ghost which a smart serious scientist wouldn't do! Murray on-TV scene makes no sense without the in-person follow-up, so I agree that had to go too.

The editing is flawless. There were only two transitions which jumped out at me. Their capture of the concert ghost was over unexpectedly fast. No issue with any individual cut, rather the pacing of that story line felt too fast.
The other was their arrival at City Hall after the concert-ghost capture. I blinked and they were in the mayor's office. That felt jumpy, but I concede it's the best cut possible. I viewed the transition several times, in this edit and the extended version, and I could not figure out a better way to cut it (unless someone can change the background when the federal agents tell the Ghostbusters to come see the mayor, from Chinatown to the concert venue).

TM2YC improves the story, jokes, and timing. This is a winner.

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