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I never understood the hate this film got when it came out.
A lot of people thought that Ghostbusters belonged to them and so any new film couldnt be good to begin with.
Off course it stuffed with some silly notions and rubbish ideas, all Chris is just Meh...but afterall it was a new look on the franchise and i always liked it. I never loved it, but G2 is no love of mine too and i would never give it the hate that this one had.

So, i wanted to see what this FanCut did to make it better, faster, more serious and still fun.
And it is. A lot of cringe is gone, and the rest in it is ok and transports the story or at least, is not that over the top anymore.
The jokes that are in now are good with much more less stupid in them.

I like the all Female cast and could do without Chris at all, but since he is in the original, i dont blame this edit for keeping him.
Give it a try !

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