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I have to preface my review by saying I've never watched the original. I picked up the Blu-ray on clearance and never even took off the shrink wrap.

I watched this edit with my wife, and the quality was good enough that she didn't know it was an edit until I told her when we finished. The video and audio cuts are excellent.

The narrative was a bit hard to follow. People don't act like real human beings, and I'm not really clear on when Leslie Jones joined the crew, she was just suddenly part of it. But maybe that's the fault of the original material.

I had heard a lot of bad things about over-the-top gags and poorly improved lines, but for the most part the comedy that was still left in this edit did work for us. And I do appreciate the relatively short run time.

Overall, though, I have to say I didn't enjoy this movie. Even edited, it still feels like a pointless remake of a classic comedy, that copied the format and major story beats but lost everything that made the original fun.

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