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The deleted scenes were somewhat lazily re-inserted with poor color grading, noticeable scratches and markups, and other visual impairments. Most of these added scenes however, were rather enjoyable and made the film a bit more fun. I definitely would like to see an updated extended edition of Ghostbusters II but this version still needs some work. I'm sure if they went and fixed each frame they could help everything fit better but that's on the level of a film restoration but still would help the overall film. If you're okay with a few less than perfect scenes, this edit does help with the story and is very enjoyable but don't be surprised when the extended scenes come around and it's blatantly obvious there were stitched back in. On the flip side, the audio editing was phenomenal, even with the deleted scenes and their transitions. You never get the feeling that you're missing out and you can always enjoy the film. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a new way to enjoy and old classic.

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