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Let's be honest. Rupert Sanders (Director, Snow White and the Huntsman) and the writers (check their filmography) were never going to make a version of Ghost in the Shell that comes close to, let alone attempt to address and further any of the philosophical underpinnings of the original anime.

This edit takes the strengths of the movie that was made and jettisons the rest. What is left is a Ghost in the Shell movie in name only, but I don't think that's an issue.

Instead of attempting everything in half measures, the movie is now a lean (not sure about the mean part), police procedural, action-thriller, with a cyberpunk aesthetic and a lot of fun.

Constructive criticism:
A more ambiguous ending would be great. Lose the end VO. Have Major not address Kuze's question about going with him into the net.

I also think there is time and space to insert, through stock imagery, one of my favorite sections of the original anime. The 'interlude.' Here is a YouTube video digging into it:

That said, maybe it doesn't have a place in this edit.

Regardless. This edit by FairFriend is worth your time and a lot of fun. The chance of getting another big-budget cyberpunk film anytime is slim - this film is partially to blame. So it's nice that this movie can now be enjoyed, casually, for what it is.

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