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Ghost in Shell 2017... More like Blade Runner 2049 on steroids. The movie is not that bad actually. Obviously, it is miles away from the original anime movie.

It displays great visual appeal, but the narrative falls on its face compared to the source material or source materials... I think there is no saving the movie even with the magic hands of Fairfairy. But he did manage to make it enjoyable to watch.

The edit itself already deserves a 10 out of 10 with the iconic "shelling sequence' synchronized alongside Kenji Kawai's original soundtrack. I got goosebumps when I saw it. Great work on that.

Other than that, this edit is much more focused and enjoyable to watch than the original theatrical release. Sure, it might feel short for some, but remember the 1995 movie clocks at 88 mins. Which is even shorter than Fairfriend edit.

On a technical note, I did notice not any issues with the soundtrack and even if some cuts are hasty and it did not border me.

For GITS fans, I highly recommend watching this version rather than the theatrical release!

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