Gamechangers, The

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A preservation of 'The Gamechangers', a BBC TV-Movie drama going behind the scenes of the hit video game 'Grand Theft Auto', arguably the greatest British coding success since Bletchley Park. It stars Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton and covers a three year period of intense controversy in the history of this iconic game's development.
To preserve the one-time-only (As far as I know) broadcast of this controversial videogame drama. "Controversial" due to it's mixed critical reception and because of Rockstar Games' anger at this unauthorised biopic. Still given it's fantastic cast and being about a subject (Videogame development) that is rarely dramatised, I thought it was well worth preserving for interested GTA fans.
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Thanks to the BBC for the broadcast. Since this isn't available to purchase, why not buy a couple of BBC DVDs from Amazon to repay them. Doctor Who and Wolf Hall anybody?
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1280x544 MP4 (2.27 GB)
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Removed the intro and outro promos for other programs from the broadcast, although the mid-credits promo remains. I also sharpened and adjusted the picture to counteract some of the "Streaming HD" compression.
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