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(Updated: October 23, 2022)
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I really enjoyed this edit a lot. The thing with the show was that it always had good acting and production values, so with the right story, pacing, narrative and scene choices a truly compelling vision of the final two seasons has been realised into a watchable version that will pretty much now be my go to for the final seasons, and keeps re-watch value for the whole series alive.

The scene cuts and transitions were great and you even made Ed Sheeran and Euron not make me want to poke my eyes out., Well done for coming up with a way to avoid a lot of what I did not like about Dany in season 8. The final Winterfell battle worked really well as did completely re-ordering the scenes and altering the narrative.. Some scenes really do work so much better. The removal of fast travel and modern dialogue works really well too. There's nothing in this edit that really snapped me out of the experience like the D&D versions did. almightcutie clearly understood what made the show so good in the first place, and it is remarkable how just getting the pacing right makes this so much better.

A truly admirable edit, Really really really excellent work. This FEELS LIKE GAME OF THRONES!

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