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(Updated: January 24, 2022)
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First of all, thank you!

I enjoyed your fanedit a lot,
I watched all the episodes in a week more or less, and I highly recommend people to watch it: those that did not like the final 2 seasons, or those that liked them just OK, but had a bad aftertaste.

How you built the story is amazing. The new ending is good!
A solid alternative to the official one.

All the episodes feel improved and, somehow, each improvement builds into the next.

For example, the fact that you fixed the Arya vs. Sansa storyline, lets us focus (nonstop!) in the action and story North of the Wall, which at the same time benefits from this mission being set up by Bran, etc.

There was only one thing that threw me out of the experience.

It was the flashback, right before the Night King's death.

It somehow breakes up the climax for me...

I understand that there is a better explanation of the story there, and I like how Bran character is further developed and strengthened in this edit (it is crazy how much it has been improved with your changes! it works!). But there should be another moment for this flashback... or maybe not!

And also some "epilogue moments" could be removed... the final moments feel a bit like a jigsaw, though I have to say, what a difficult job!

If I sum up all the characters that feel improved... Bran, Daenerys, Jaime, Tyrion but also The Hound, Sansa, Sam... and the epicity of the series is reinforced overall. It makes sense that Jon is more quiet, like his father did.

All in all, big thumbs up! highly recommended, and a big Thank you!

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