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A true achievement to trim 10-ish hours down to a perfectly reasonable 2.5 hour-movie. I certainly didn't miss anything, but I did have to recollect a few times to remind we of what happens "in between" the cuts. No biggie unless you dive in to this without having seen the entire first season.

The audio and video editing is flawless and the LotR-music worked better than I thought, to be honest. Some of the musical cues do remind me too much of LotR, though, and did bring me out of it momentarily. My big issue with this edit is the letterboxing. Does it give a more cinematic feel? Sure. Is the framing thrown out the window? Mostly. It becomes evident that this is a fan edit (an otherwise stellar fan edit) the moment the framing feels off in a scene. A hair too much there, a foot there; it is noticeable throughout that the framing was not intended for 2.35:1 (or what the result here is).

Other than that I would certainly recommend this edit to anyone, really. Maybe one should be familiar with the first season in order to pick up some of the missing parts. Bottom line: A great edit in every way and an interesting concept, what with using LotR-music and all.

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