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When Andreas announced he was working on a Game of Thrones edit, I got pretty pumped. Of all the seasons, the first one may be among the most primed to be done for a TV to Movie Edit (I believe 4 and 6 would also be great as movies). The editing here is all really good for the most part. The change in aspect ratio is a very stylistic choice, and it pays off for the most part. Andreas took his time with each crop to make it look realistic and not take anything important out, and it worked very well. While replacing the amazing Game of Thrones soundtrack is something that I immediately resisted, the implementation of Lord of the Ring music worked very well and felt well implemented throughout. I will say, for future edits I would love to see a few themes from GoT mixed in (Rains of Castamere is a must IMO, and I wouldn't mind Jon Snow's theme coming in for truly epic moments).

The choices of what to keep and what to remove worked really well. While the petty squabble between the Starks and Lannisters over the direwolf helped to establish the beef between Ned and Cersei, it certainly wasn't too missed in the edit. I greatly enjoyed Tyrion's subplot with Lysa and the trial of combat that ensued, but I certainly understand why it had to be cut. I am also all for the cutting of a lot of Drogo's character development, as I enjoyed it but it wasn't too necessary to the plot. A few scenes were really missed for me, such as the Stark family finding the direwolves (though I understand having that scene creates a plot hole with the Sansa subplot removed) and Ned bringing Arya to her lessons. Other than those, I thought that this edit was very on point. I couldn't wait to watch through the whole thing, and the character beats and pacing were fantastic. You did a truly great job of making a 10 hour season into a movie length.

I am now hooked and I absolutely can't wait on the second movie! No hurry, though. Thanks for this fantastic edit and I hope you see this saga through to the end!

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