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Having never read the books and having rather enjoyed the GoT series (up until Season 5), the best compliment that I can give this edit is to write that it is "watchable".

The biggest critique/folly of this edit is the inability to fully immerse myself in the story due to the editors decision to use music from The Lord of The Rings movies.
That, is a HUGE mistake.

It is tantamount to someone editing the Star Trek movies and using music from the Star Wars films.

The editor underestimates the power of music. He/She does not seem to understand that movies are not exclusively a visual medium; they are an auditory medium just as much if not more so.

As such, I cannot give this edit a higher score and I only recommend this edit to those who have either, never seen The Lord of The Rings movies, those who do not hold The Lord of the Rings movies in high regard or those who are deaf and have never heard the score from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

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Owner's reply May 22, 2022

1. Why in god's name didn't you watch the GoT-score versions of the first films and the following?

2. It is neither a mistake nor a lack of film knowledge or film scoring for me to CHOOSE to create a Lord of the Rings-inspired take on Game of Thrones.

3. This was a harsh and uncalled for review.

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