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I've always been more of a fan of the ASOIAF novels than the show which I stopped watching around early season 2. Was quite interested to see this project cutting the seasons down into films, and I'm also a LOTR buff so I was interested to see how the music played.

Overall it's a strong cut well-executed. The music worked better than I expected, but I felt that some of the original music warranted inclusion rather than a wholesale replacement, and sometimes there was just too much strong music constantly without enough time to breathe.

There were some unfortunate digital glitches that others have mentioned, hopefully those will be cleaned up for a better viewing experience but hardly a deal breaker. Also noticeably lower audio quality at a few points.

I thought the narrative worked quite well! If anything I think it could have done with another 20-30 minutes, particularly to develop the Stark children a bit more and make the King's Landing conspiracy slightly less rushed. Strong decisions on what to include and what to cut overall.

Excited to watch the follow-up edits.

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