Game: Amended, The

Game: Amended, The
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Brief Synopsis:
Millionaire loaner Nicholas Van Orton receives a birthday present from his brother, a game to bring fun to his life, or take it all away….
To make The Game into a PG-13 outing by eliminating the excessive language and portions of the hotel scene.
Special Thanks:
To any and all who enjoy this edit.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
This edit required extensive audio surround track editing to remove dialogue. Certain scenes were either removed or trimmed to achieve a PG-13 approach (hotel scene, pictures, etc.). Closing credit music was used over the new title cards and disclaimer which creates a more ominous and lonely feeling from the onset of the film.
Cuts and Additions:
- Added title cards and used ending credits music to open up the movie to give it a more ominous and mysterious feel from the get go
- Desaturated the Universal logo to help establish the eerie atmosphere
- Removed the approximately 30 f-bombs and other swearing
- Trimmed up some of the questionnaire sequence
- Trimmed the hotel scene to to remove the porno in the background as well as like pictures
- Trimmed and/or blurred some of the painting on the wall
- Removed the carjacker scene, but retained the gun in the book to establish that it was Nicholas'

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