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Full Metal Jacket - Locked & Loaded
May 30, 2014    
(Updated: July 03, 2014)
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I must just be lucky because I've watched three fan edits in a row that I really enjoyed. Fan edits at their best can either make an entirely new movie out of an old movie or reintroduce you to a movie that you have seen many many times before.

Full Metal Jacket, for me, is one of those movies I have seen many many times. I can close my eyes and walk through Full Metal Jacket line by line. Fan editing when done well can make an old movie new again. Full Metal Jacket - Locked & Loaded has done just that for me. It's been probably two years since I've watched my DVD copy of FMJ. As I said I can see this movie in my minds eye so it's not like I forgot anything. JetSetWilly accomplished what an good fan edit sets out to do. He made an old movie new again. I haven't enjoyed FMJ this much in a long time.

I appreciate the cuts made and I understand why you decided to cut what you did. I also enjoyed the deeper impression of isolation the edits gave to Pyle. The Kubrick cut always just left the impression that Pyle wasn't isolated he was just a broken third wheel. The transition of scenes wasn't always smooth but that really didn't matter as much as the overall story being being presented here.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this edit.

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