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Thanks Raki for prompting me to revisit this film, haven’t watched it in nearly eight years!

While the technical aspects of this edit are flawless and the changes interesting, I still think I would gravitate towards the original as having all the details presented from the outset means that one appreciates certain actions better. You also lose some suspense, and while the parallel is not exact I think it was Hitchcock who sort-of explained how I felt; you get a brief shock when a bomb suddenly detonates during a dinnertime conversation (seeing Elsa’s ice outbursts for the first time after the coronation in this edit) but suspense when you show it under the table five minutes beforehand (the whole backstory in the official version).

Having seen the film before (and remembering it quite well) I cannot be an ideal person to test that theory in this case, and of course the film was still thoroughly enjoyable (though I am unswayed in my opinion that Disney animation reached its peak in 1942). I am also aware of the irony that I am myself preparing a project that re-edits the source in a not-dissimilar manner!

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