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This is a really enjoyable edit. My 3 year old wanted to watch Frozen again and this time I decided to break out the fanedit instead. She...didn't notice. She doesn't even sit through it really after the songs stop. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have seen this way too many times to be a good litmus test for a new viewer but putting that aside, I think the story is strengthened by the reshuffling. It makes one wonder what exactly the root of the issue is. I also think it makes the central metaphor stronger. Instead of seeing Else as a child, seeing her suppress her power and unable to control it basically putting up a neon sign saying "this is about mental illness" instead we see her power, then she panics, and then we learn the backstory which fills it in a bit subtler. Now, I think the neon sign is fine, that's how you SHOULD do metaphors in movies for kids but I appreciate it here more.
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