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Frozen: Flashback Edit
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The Disney movie Frozen with extra mystery.
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If you know the Frozen backstory inside out then this version might not be for you. This version is also not ideal for young kids as they may not enjoy flashbacks. But if you have never seen Frozen or forgotten most of the plot (or wanted to watch it with a friend that hasn’t seen it yet) then I think you might find this version somewhat more powerful than the original.
I cut out the backstory from the beginning and added it back in as different flashbacks later on in the movie. That way a lot of the secrets about Elsa/Anna/Arendelle that are mentioned throughout the film are not only a mystery to almost all of the characters in the movie, but they are an actual mystery to the audience as well, up until they are revealed at crucial moments in the adventure.
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Special thanks to ssj (Space Jesus) for the endless and invaluable technical advice and on getting my edit approved! Also special thanks to DominicCobb and TM2YC for helping me get set up and posting my first fanedit. Another thank you to absolutely all the people working on this website: this a fantastic platform for sharing movie passion, thank you so much!
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