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(Updated: May 31, 2014)
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The change to a deep black and white is very striking and fits the mood of the film perfectly. It looks great and gives the film a visual sense of creeping dread. I especially like how dark it was when the woman was grabbed from the shadows and disappears into them. The darker deleted scenes also aid the film in feeling darker and less like a typical Hollywood film.

However, these changes cannot overcome the fundamental flaws that the movie has. This should be a dark and disturbing movie with a low budget and no-name actors to justify its poor box office prospects. Instead there are big name actors so of course the movie has to have Johnny Depp doing his standard eccentric performance and the cliche of the prostitute with the heart of gold. It can't be too disturbing either and there has to be a happy ending. TM2YC succeeds in cutting down the eccentricities, removed the happy ending, and made the mood darker so it's a definite improvement. But the big problem I still have with the movie is that it's rather boring. Mostly we just wait until one of the prostitutes is killed and then Johnny Depp strolls up and says there's a mad doctor on the loose. Since Jack the Ripper's identity is a mystery for most of the movie we either follow the prostitutes which are uninteresting and mostly just drink and bicker or we follow Johnny as he does not very interesting detective work. There's not really much suspense as it's mostly just people wandering down dark cobblestone streets and occasionally dying.

In conclusion, this edit is far superior to the original and has a bold look, but some things just can't be fixed through editing. Based off how well the changes were made and what a difference they make, I recommend the edit on the chance others will enjoy it more than I did.

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