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Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
February 27, 2018    
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Having loved what Bobson did with Homecoming, I couldn't wait to see their take o Spider-Man 3. Long story short, it's pretty darn great. While listed as an extended cut, there is a rejiggering of the narrative after MJ breaks up with Peter that actually feels natural, building up Peter's dependency on the black suit moreso than the original. And cutting to the James Brown montage after Peter threw a bomb in Harry's face? Sam Raimi would be proud.

There are some things I feel would better improve the narrative though. You could cut the scene where Harry gets his memory back, imply that he was faking it the while time and waiting for the time to strike. I'd also cut Harry attacking MJ and let her break up with Peter on her own terms, give her some agency and real inner turmoil. Some scenes could also be grouped together to help the pacing, like the crane and Brock at the Bugle could be placed before seeing MJ on Broadway, establishing characters sooner rather than later.

But, this is an extension of the pre-existing movie. Aside from a few shots that looked like they were in SD, this is great. If you have a soft spot for Spider-Man 3, I highly recommend this take.

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Thanks for your kind words, but I think this may have been directed towards my Spider-Man 3.1 review and not my Homecoming one

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