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Friday the 13th: The TM Edit
August 06, 2012    
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Audio and Video: Audio and video are on par with the source material. The 5.1 English audio track was used. No complaints. 5/5

Audio Editing: The only complaint I have is that the song "Paint It Black" that was used for the opening credit sequence seems to just cut out. You can hear it start to fade out for about a second, but then it's gone. It's not a big issue, but slowly fading the song out until you can't hear it anymore would have been better. 4.5/5

Video Editing: No complaints here. I do have a question though. At the very end of the movie, when the camera is slowly panning on the lake, we get a quick flash of Jason with his arm around Alice as he's about to pull her under just before fading into the end credits. I'm assuming this was intentional and not an error because it looks like you used an effect like you did when you hit the PLAY button on the menu. What was that about? 5/5

Entertainment Factor: I liked that you removed the flashback beginning, and the fact that you don't miss the other cuts that you made, but overall I found it on par with the original. 3/5

Presentation: The menus were nice, and I liked that you included little transition videos. The video boxes and title cards for the chapters in the Chapters menus could have been bigger though. I couldn't even read what the chapters were called, or really make out what images were in the boxes to give me a general idea of where the chapter would start. I also don't think that a SETUP page was necessary since there was only one audio track. Minor issues though. The only thing I really had a problem with is that you can't skip past the trailers that start when you pop the disc in. I tried hitting the menu button and the next chapter button, but that didn't work. I even tried the fast forward button but no luck either. 3.5/5

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