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(Updated: September 06, 2012)
LastSurvivor apr 8 2012

I’ve been a big fan of the Friday the 13th films ever since I saw the original film back when I was around 16 years old. Up until this point however, I had not seen a fanedit on any entry in the series. So I was pretty intrigued to watch TM’s cut of Sean S. Cunningham’s original classic.

I went into the edit knowing that it wasn’t an attempt to make “big” changes to the film. Indeed, TM’s version feels very much like a fine tuning exercise and for the most part the changes are very welcome ones.

By starting the film with Annie coming into town, thereby removing the whole sequence from 1958 where two promiscuous teenagers are brutally murdered, it actually benefits the film in creating more mystique around the Camp Crystal Lake legacy. Thus, Annie’s little part in the Friday the 13th history now becomes a very fitting pre-credits scene.

Then we’re straight into the credits and to my surprise the use of the classic Rolling Stones track, “Paint it Black” works very effectively and seems to fit the mood of the film like a glove. Very good job on the added credits too, with a great looking font. Only downside would be the abrupt way the song is cut as the credits come to an end. A slow fade would have been far better I’m afraid.

As the film moves on after this, some of TM’s cuts actually improve the film more than I could have imagined. Scenes such as Steve Christy’s rather strange little chat with Alice which hints at some romantic relationship of sorts between them and the snake in the cabin are not missed at all. The trimming of Marcie’s scene in the bathroom just before she’s attacked also works a treat and is nicely edited. Only towards the end does TM take one step too far for my liking, which is when Brenda’s body is thrown through the window – I understand why TM trimmed the scene, but for me the edit feels unnatural and as if a frame of film is missing.

Picture and audio quality is excellent throughout and seemed to me to be on a par with the commercially available DVD version. 10/10

As far as the editing goes, I would give this 9/10. Nearly all the edits bar the couple I mentioned were very well executed, and for the most part are well judged decisions in relation to enhancing the pace and the purpose of the story.

Entertainment value – much like Neglify, I love the original movie and would probably score it a 9/10. I certainly had my doubts as to whether TM’s edit would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with Cunningham’s original version, and whilst I suppose there’s an argument that not much has actually been changed here, I think there are enough substantial alterations on show to make the experience more than worth the trip. So, a well deserved 9/10 on this front.

Overall, I would congratulate TM on a very solid edit which turns out to be a respectful and fitting tribute to one of the all time classic slasher films. Final score 9/10

One final thing TM… I think the end credits were way too slow… maybe it would have been worth adding some more film credits, just to make it seem more professional?
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