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My problem with this is that I actually am one who found the reboot an improvement in some aspects. The reboot overall wasn't that good of a movie but it was entertaining and not as cheezy or over the top as the sequels after "The Final Chapter". I think doing what you did with "The Myers Family" edit would have been a much better direction. Pretty much going all out and making it as brutal and different from the original series as possible.

I love the first 4 Friday The 13th's and if you've seen them you'd know Jason does run and he has an attachment to his mother, and is still remotely human. It wasn't until Part. VI that he became a zombie, and then from there it just kept getting more and more ridiculous.

Overall it was good for what you were going for, but if I could make a suggestion. I think doing the opposite of what you did, and like I said going more in the "The Myers Family" direction could be an interesting edit. I think the brutal more cunning, setting traps, running Jason was more scary and intimidating. Going all out with that and cutting back on the cheezy dialogue and unnecessary characters and strengthening the more important ones would be a great direction. You could easily make this more of a sequel to "The Final Chapter" while still going in a more original and progressive direction with the character and source material. All of this tho Is just a suggestion, If you ever decide to do something like this, just let me know. Thanks

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