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I just finished watching this. I see what you meant about it feeling too short, but that's alright because it works better this way. The opening scene in the theatrical cut was good, but it was pointless because they all get killed in the first 5-10 minutes of the movie. What was the point of it, besides showing some tits and kills? By getting rid of it you cut straight to the point and I like that.

The video editing was perfect, but a couple of scenes did stand out when it came to the audio editing. The first one is when Chewie pulls out "Lucille" and has a conversation with Lawrence, pretending to be "Lucille". When the scene ends it sounds like some music or something was about to start just before you transitioned to the next scene. The other scene is when Clay gets pulled over by Officer Bracke. Just as the scene is ending it looks like the audio was cut for a second or two. These aren't a problem, they just stood out a bit is all.

Now regarding Jason. Unfortunately it's impossible to turn him into the undead killer we all love, what with the shot of him carrying around the dead body and Clay and Jenna mentioning that there's a guy out there carrying a dead body, but you did a great job of trimming as much of it as possible. If you don't mind my saying though I think you should have cut, or at least trimmed if possible, the scene with Clay asking the old woman if she had seen his sister because she mentions that "he only wants to be left alone". If this was anybody else it wouldn't be a problem, but this is Jason we're talking about. Saying that "he only wants to be left alone" humanizes him, and that would infer that he's human. The other thing I think should have been cut is the shot of the bell going off when Clay trips in the woods. This also suggests that Jason is human because he was able to set a trap. Aside from that I think you did a great job with this edit and I give it a 5/5.
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