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I just got down watching this a couple of seconds ago, and let me say that it was a HUGE improvement!

There are spoilers in this review:

I love the new opening with Jason sharpening his machete and I like the bullying flashback put there. Much better than the Mrs. Voorhees flashback in the original film. The new credits sequence is beautiful too.

Now, the entire first group of kids are removed, which I don’t miss, and it really makes the film’s pace faster, which I really like. We now open on the kids entering camp and turn in to an “old school” Friday the 13th movie. From here, the movie really gets interesting as Clay’s back story unfolds with Whitney missing. I really enjoy the way Whitney’s character is introduced by Clay instead of her friends in the removed intro.

From now, comes the scenes with Clay looking for Whitney and Trent and his group enjoying themselves. Then when Clay and Jenna go off to look for Whitney things get interesting. I am so glad that Jason throwing the canoes around was removed. It’s now a much more tense scene.

Now, the shortened sex scene was a nice touch because the original one was just SO OVER DRAMATIC! I mean “stupendous” really?

I really enjoyed Chewie’s new death scene with the saw. Amazingly edited and is much more brutal which is what you expect from a 21st Century Jason.

Also, Jenna’s new death scene is MUCH BETTER shortened to the way it is. The original one was just to long and unnecessary.

I especially enjoyed Trent’s new death scene! I absolutely hated the original because it was very unrealistic and was again unnecessary. Plus, it shortens down Trent’s screen time which is always good because I just flat out hated the character, lol.

The new ending is really good as well! I don’t know if it was a deleted scene that you used or you just edited it a lot. I can’t really remember the original ending because I haven’t seen the movie since I first got the blu-ray.

All I know is that this is the SUPERIOR version of Friday The 13th. And I really liked it better as the idea of a sequel instead of a remake, because that’s what I thought it was more of when I first saw it.

For me, “Friday The 13th: Return To Crystal Lake” gets a 10/10!!

Happy Camping
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