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FanFix January 24, 2022 2031
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From the opening shot of the FE logo, this film is instantly atmospheric and feels like a true classic 80s release!

I’ve seen the original countless times, and I can genuinely say that this edit streamlines the story with cuts so seamless you would never even know it was a fan edit.
The fan in me greatly appreciates the attention to detail in using actual Friday the 13th dates, shortening the time jump and creating a stronger sense of continuity for the franchise. Overall the editing is sharp and the movie runs at a clip! Definitely a great way to revisit it, as it’s often overlooked for its lack of Jason.

Making it so that we don’t see Mrs. Voorheese saying “kill her mommy” almost gives Jason a more supernatural feel (fitting for the rest of the franchise) and makes the ending feel less like a Psycho knock off.
Then the decision to cut the epilogue makes for a more exciting ending and even reminds me of the ending to the original Nightmare on Elm Street! The post credits scene is a nice touch.

I can’t wait to check out the rest of the Raymix Friday the 13th series!

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