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(Updated: September 14, 2015)
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Overview - One of the fans’ least favorite of the Friday The 13th series, and one low on my personal list for rewatching. Reaper18783x cut lame humor (most of which was atrocious), much of the pointless dialogue, as well as several draggy sequences. A bit of comic relief abides, yet the result is a lean, grindhouse actioner without the usual grindhouse print damage.

Video - Picture was solid throughout. This was a dark film and I noticed no problems with blacks. Editing seemed fine to me.

Nitpicks: The opening Reaper18783 logo was cropped at the bottom when I viewed 16X9.
At the end, experience ought to be experience. ... months on end appears to read mouths on end. Viewing ought to be viewing. Making - making. If you edit a 2.0 version, amend.

Audio - Solid two channel stereo. Music volume during several action sequences had been lowered to highlight sound effects. Great decision. Reading the cut-list, I knew dialogue had been trimmed, but I caught no clipped sentences.

Narrative - Sets were always cheesy, reminding me of leftovers from an MTV video shoot. For a ship with a detail of combat marines, most were as lethal as SW stormtroopers. The majority of personnel were in their early 20s. Yes, believability jettisoned in mind of the target audience. The mesh of slasher Horror and techie SciFi failed in the original, and little better here. That said, because the pace barrels along in Reaper’s edit, those inconsistencies weren’t as much a distraction.

Enjoyment - I have 'em, but Friday 13th is not high on my go-to Horror list. Could be I’ve outgrown slasher bloodlust. This is a fine edit, especially from a first timer, and I can easily recommend this. Hardcore fans of the series will enjoy this, especially those who disliked the original. This is definitely several steps toward redemption. Thanks to the FE Academy for allowing this. Look forward to more edits by Reaper18783x.

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