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Another reviewer commented that there were no hard cuts, so maybe there's another version of this edit floating around, but the one I got from has many hard cuts in both audio and video.

I'm a HUGE Friday the 13th fan, and I'm probably one of the few who liked Jason X when it came out in theaters, but this edit didn't do much for the film. I appreciate the effort to turn Jason X into a more serious movie, but even with the hard cuts some of the over-the-top comedic bits are still present...and that's not an issue for me with the theatrical version because from the start, it sets the tone that follows throughout the film with the comedy sprinkled about. Here, it's just very jarring cuts and then oddly maintained comedy. The holodeck scene was probably the most notable that could have easily been edited out, but was left in place...I don't know why.

Anyways, the premise is good and the opening sequence showed a lot of promise, but opening text crawl was just akward, and the editing was hard to watch. Maybe it's because I know the original too well, but then again, I've seen edits that were seamless for even worse films that turned them into good I know it's possible.

Again, I appreciate the effort, but I think more practice is needed.

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