Friday the 13th Part 8 - The Spirit of Vengeance [raymix]

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Brief Synopsis:
Dates changed to keep continuity with the of the rest F13 [raymix] series timeline.
The new dates give Rennie time to age from 6 in her flashback to 18 in the present. Both dates are real Friday the 13ths.
All of Rennie's Jason hallucinations have been removed. The only time we see or hear a young Jason is in her flashback.
There are many cuts made to alter the timeline, remove filler, tighten the editing & improve the overall ambiance.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to all 12 films in the Friday the 13th movie series.
Other Sources:
Friday the 13th Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2014)
Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2020)
Bop 'Till You Drop by The Ramones (from the album Halfway to Sanity, 1987)
Sound Effects (
Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Steve Mirkovich's editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
-added the logo
-added my fanedit production logo.
-added music over the Paramount production logo & director credit. (Overlay of Evil [ray's Ghost mix] )
-new "A Rob Hedden Film" credit.
-added "an old Liltbush proverb" I made up. (Liltbush is an anagram of Bullshit)
-new title logo.
-new title. (The Spirit of Vengeance)
-new title sequence music. (The Ghost People [raymix] )
-added sound effects during the new title sequence.
-removed the opening credits & New York montage.
-added "Thursday, May 12th 1988" text to the opening shot.
-removed Jason being resurrected by electrocution.
-cut the fake knife stab when Jim scares Suzi with the hockey mask.
-cut Jason loading the speargun.
-cut a shot of Jason after he kills Jim.
-added "Friday, May 13th" text to the shot of the graduates arriving at the pier.
-cut the nameless Deckhand doing the Crazy Ralph routine.
-cut Rennie hallucinating, seeing young Jason out the window. (I've removed all of her hallucinations)
-cut Tamara plotting against Rennie.
-cut a few frames to remove the fake torso catching fire during the steam room kill.
-cut Rennie hallucinating, seeing young Jason underwater.
-cut the Deckhand doing the Crazy Ralph routine again.
-cut Rennie hallucinating, seeing young Jason in the bathroom mirror.
-cut the POV of Wayne walking down the hallway; He's already in place filming.
-Jason doesn't take the spear off the wall so slowly.
-cut Admiral Robertson's fatherly advice to Chief Carlson.
-less slo-mo when Admiral Robertson is killed.
-cut the Deckhand doing the Crazy Ralph thing for the third time.
-Eva doesn't look around the dance hall as long.
-cut Charles mentioning that he's looking for the Deckhand.
-cut Charles mentioning the Deckhand's "Jason" rumor.
-cut Rennie hallucinating, seeing young Jason in her room.
-cut Shawn saying "it's Jason's fault!"
-cut the lightning striking the mast.
-the group get into the lifeboat much faster.
-cut the odd daytime-looking shots during the lifeboat row away.
-cut some of the celebrating at the sight of New York City.
-cut the thugs injecting Rennie with drugs.
-cut Rennie's druggy POV visuals.
-cut Charles telling Shawn to "shut up about Jason."
-cut Rennie hallucinating, seeing young Jason while she's driving the police car.
-the car passes through Jason instead of hitting him.
-shortened the shot of the burning puddle as Rennie stares into it.
-added a cross-fade from the burning puddle to Rennie's flashback at Crystal Lake.
-added "Friday, August 13th 1976" text to Rennie's flashback.
-cut Charles mentioning Jason drowning & being at the bottom of the lake.
-changed the music coming from the punk kids boombox. (Bop 'Till You Drop by The Ramones)
-replaced the sound effects during the 'Punk Boombox' scene. (street traffic, cars, talking)
-cut the punk kids threatening Jason & getting scared after he kicks their boombox.
-cut the sanitation worker saying the sewers flood with toxic waste "every night at midnight."
-speed-up on the silhouette during the sanitation worker's death.
-cut a goofy shot of Jason stumbling after being splashed by the toxic waste.
-removed the voice of young Jason as the sewer floods.
-superimposed flood waters over the slo-mo shot of Jason melting.
-removed the sewer catching on fire.
-cut the Statue of Liberty getting struck by lightning.
-removed the shot of young Jason in the sewer.
-different music during the final scene. (Sean & Rennie)
-different music over the end credits. (Jason Breaks It Up & The Darkest Side of Night [raymix] )
-added a shot of Camp Crystal Lake to post-credits.
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music cue to post-credits & production logo. (Overlay of Evil)

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