Friday the 13th Part 6 - Jason Lives [raymix]

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Dates changed to keep continuity with the of the rest F13 [raymix] series timeline & keep it on a real Friday the 13th.
Much of the self-referential comedy is removed to maintain better atmosphere. There's still plenty of humor.
There are many cuts made to alter the timeline, remove filler, tighten the editing & improve the overall ambiance.
This project aims to bring stronger continuity, tighter editing & improved pacing to all 12 films in the Friday the 13th movie series.
Other Sources:
Friday the 13th Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2014)
Friday the 13th Part 6- Jason Lives Soundtrack (Waxwork Records remaster, 2019)
Smooth Operator by Sade (from the album Diamond Life, 1984)
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Release Information:
Editing Details:
I tried to stay true to Bruce Green's editing style from the original film. I didn't want anything to seem changed or altered at all.
This mostly meant sharp, quick cutting & trying to keep the energy high.
Cuts and Additions:
-added the logo
-added my fanedit production logo.
-added music over the Paramount production logo & director credit. (Overlay of Evil)
-new "A Tom McLoughlin Film" credit.
-added "Thursday, September 12th 1985" text to the shot of Tommy's truck driving past.
-lightning only strikes the fence post once instead of twice.
-removed several repeated shots after the lightning strike.
-new title logo.
-edited the Main Theme to match the new title sequence.
-added sound effects during the new title sequence.
-removed the James Bond homage.
-removed the opening credits.
-Jason doesn't take as long to spear Elizabeth into the mud.
-added "Friday, September 13th" text to the shot of Tommy waking up in the jail cell.
-Martin, the grave keeper, doesn't break the 4th wall.
-cut the smiley face on the tree after Burt is slammed into it.
-cut Roy bumbling around in the woods.
-cut some of Roy running from Jason so that Jason doesn't seem to teleport.
-cut Deputy Rick explaining how a laser sight works.
-cut Marvin's "fart head" line & the subsequent "Yeah!" from the kids.
-cut Marvin's dialog about being lost.
-cut some of Nikki & Court's PG sex scene.
-Nikki doesn't stand around holding the frayed wire as long.
-cut Court mentioning "that Jason guy."
-cut Nikki getting thrown around when Court takes off in the RV.
-cut Nikki telling Court to pull over & let her drive.
-improved music cue as Jason stands atop the burning RV.
-replaced the weird telephone ring in the Sheriff's office with a normal 80's phone sound.
-cut Deputy Rick mentioning "Jason's old M.O."
-removed Tommy flipping through the Occult books.
-removed 2 quick cutaways to Jason in the woods while Megan is balancing on the Sheriff's chair.
-tightened editing when Deputy Rick shows Sheriff Garris the bodies.
-added music coming though Sissy's headphones. (Smooth Operator by Sade)
-removed Deputy Rick smashing the bug on his desk.
-cut Tommy's callback to Rick's laser sight explanation.
-removed Tommy referring to Crystal Lake as Jason's "original resting place."
-removed the kids talking under the bed. ("What did you wanna be when you grew up?")
-Jason doesn't turn around when Megan yells for Tommy.
-cut some of Tommy's taunts at Jason.
-cut Tommy saying "Jason's home."
-moved the shot of Jason's eye opening to post-credits.
-different music over end credits. (F13 P6 Main Theme)
-added my production logo to the end.
-added music cue to post-credits & production logo. (Overlay of Evil)

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This was definitely my favorite fanedit of Ray Danger's Friday the 13th series. It improves a pretty good film to a great one. Tightly paced, removes cringy scenes... This was so much fun and greatly put together. Amazing job Ray!

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