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Surprisingly one of my favorite fan edits and movie even for a movie starring Ryan Reynolds who while I liked isn't really fan of him and this movie. This fan editor fixed the one big problem that is ruined or held back movies starring big comedians like Ryan Reynold: He cut down the comedian's constant improvisations skits/bits which is a pretty common issue among comedy movies starring comedians. Obviously after the success of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds gets to do long takes of scenes where he is doing nothing but jokes or doing a skit or a running gag which is expected from a comedy but if it was restrained, handled, and directed well. But if the comedian has a lot or maybe way too much creative freedom especially if he is the producer without anyone telling them no and when to stop because the studio thinks anything that they do is funny that is when the supposed funny scene gets bad. So, because of that the ad-libbing and improvisation jokes tends to go off the script and drag the movie longer than it needs to be which not only annoys me but also distracts me from the great story and potential that it had which happen a lot in comedy movies nowadays. Thanks to Ninja-Trix he kept comedy tamed and under control which made me realize how good this movie is that I honestly enjoyed it more than other Virtual Reality game movies like Tron and Ready player One, even though there were obvious fan cuts in certain scenes for example when guy is working at the bank looking at an old couple at the beginning of the movie the film just went silent for a second to cut to guy and buddy talking but that's pretty minor and not so distracting than the comedy from the original.
Overall, this is one of my favorite fanedits so far and recommends anybody to see this movie.

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