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I will say that from all the times I have ever watched this film , I really never realized just how short of a movie it is. As usual nothing techie here with me. I enjoyed this edit. It is done in a way that "you" really don't notice the trimmings. I felt like I was watching a 1 hour episode of a TV show. Funny enough what I did notice was the "problems" with the movie itself. The hollow sounds of the microphones in some scenes. And when everyone is running down the castle steps you hear dull thuds of wood, as you do when the monster is running through the mountains. But be that as it may I am just spoiled from 100 years of improved film technology. I sat and told myself this was made 90 years ago. I am watching film history. When I see Karloff I remember reading and hearing stories of him going home in makup because it was so intense. I was half expecting to hear you got "Abby Normals brain?". But on my popcorn scale of enjoyment this gets a five out of five. Next up the Bride.

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