Frank TJ Mackey

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Frank TJ Mackey
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Things fall down. People look up. And when it rains, it pours. People in search of love, forgiveness, and meaning in the San Fernando Valley.
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This is a fanedit which focuses only on the Frank TJ Mackey storyline.
I love Magnolia. It's a beautiful, emotional, messy masterpiece. My favorite plot thread by far is the Frank TJ Mackey one. Unlike most movies with multiple plotlines, Magnolia doesn't skip over story beats that you presume happened so I knew that it would actually work on its own. I went back and forth with the frogs but ultimately decided to keep this edit more grounded. I love the original ending because it works thematically with all the stories but it felt off when this is just focused on Earl's death and everything that affects.
Other Sources: sound effects, Magnolia soundtrack
Special Thanks:
Huge thanks to Last Impressions and SInbad for previewing, jswert for DVD cover art, everybody on the forums for being pretty great
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I started out by just chopping out the other plotlines. Then I watched through to see if the order of the scenes worked emotionally. There ended up being very, very little rearrangement needed. So it was mostly just working on transitions, redubbed a few parts with different pieces from the soundtrack and repurposed "Wise Up" for the ending.
Cuts and Additions:
Cut everything related to the other plotlines, the frogs and the bookend narration. Lots of trims and tucks, most notably when Earl dies. Because I wanted it to be silent save for the music, I tightened it up quite a bit. Hard to do because Tom Cruise's performance is spectacular but I have all the rest of it in the edit.
DVD Cover art by jswert123456 (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Blu-Ray Cover art by thecuddlyninja (DOWNLOAD HERE)

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