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Paul Atreides immaturity and arrogance was something I found to be quite grating in the original series however seeing as how this edit improved Paul’s characterisation by dialling down his arrogance and whininess it made his journey to godhood much more believable for me and any arrogance and whininess that remained left him flawed enough to not be considered a Gary Stu, the rearrangement and slicing of the first act made for a much better paced and more coherent experience with the dream sequences no longer inducing confusion and incoherency as such it’s nice to be able to watch a movie and understand what’s going on as it gives me the time and pleasure to appreciate the cinematography, world building and ultimately the preparation towards Muad'Dib's true destiny.

As far as audio goes I noticed no audio jumps or glitches and the blending of Brian Tyler’s Children of Dune OST along with Graeme Revells OST made for an impactful experience with the various scenes that these tracks accompanied them however there were a few areas in the visual department that were a little distracting for me, these included some small film crackles and dots that tended to occasionally appear throughout different parts of the edit and on the right side of the screen I noticed an overscan line that persists throughout followed by a fair bit of picture noise at the 2:47:03 mark which ceases around the 2:47:40 mark but other than the things I just listed the picture quality generally looks great.

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