For Your Eyes Only: 007 Cut

For Your Eyes Only: 007 Cut

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For Your Eyes Only: 007 Cut
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Brief Synopsis:
Tighten the editing film, and replace the Bill Conti score with classic John Barry music from other Bond films.
he 12th James Bond film is a favorite of mine. After the silly Moonraker, the film makers decided it was time to return to a more serious tone, with a traditional spy plot. The film mostly succeeds, but there a few missteps that have always bothered me. My goal is to make FYEO a more “classic” Bond film.

Additional Notes:
the editing of scenes was a big process, but the music replacement is by far the biggest undertaking. There a too many changes to list them ALL. the trims and changes number in the thousands. The music editing and placement is extensive. Hardcore fans are sure to recognize some music from other films, but a casual fan might assume the music was scored especially for this film. It just... sounds like James Bond music. :-) Its all timed to work perfectly with dramatic moments within the film. I'm quite proud of the work Ive done.
Other Sources:
CD soundtracks For John Barry's Bond Scores
Youtube videos
Special Thanks:
my buddy TF for teaching me Adobe Premiere
Release Information
Cuts and Additions:
There a too many changes to list them ALL. the trims and changes number in the thousands. here is a broad overview:

- UA/MGM LOGO. replaced with 1981 UA logo
- Original pre-credits opening with graveside scene and helicopter removed. new opening is the sinking of St. Georges,murder of the Havelocs
- opening title/song re-synced and pitch corrected with the original album version Sheena Easton’s song
- toned down MI6 chief of staff’s disdain for 007
- identigraph scene dramatically shortened
- motorcycle attack on Melina removed
- hockey player attack removed
- submarine attack removed
- Bond and Melina’s afternoon shopping removed
- Margaret Thatcher removed

In addition to the above major alterations, there are these changes that alter the timing and feel of the movie:

- nearly every scene in the movie has tightened editing, multiple rear projection shots removed during ski chase, multiple "underwater" effects removed
- some new explosion sound effects, new underwater sound effects
- color timing changed on a scene-by-scene basis to make it feel more “cinematic”
- Conti score replaced with Barry score
- Gun barrel effect added: when transitioning from the gun barrel opening to the first shot of the st. Georges, an optical iris effect has been added
- Bill Conti's on screen credit during the opening credits has been digitally removed and replace with John Barry's.
- Pre-movie and post movie credits added to reflect edit work

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