For A Few Dollars Less

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Brief Synopsis:
The film has great moments and great music, but the story comes to a screetching halt in various moments. So, I fixed that.
The most evident cut is the entire removal of Manco and Mortimer meeting with Indio and his gang in Aguas Calientes and getting ousted as bountyhunters.
Special Thanks:
Thank you Artisdead for the cool poster. And thank you The Scribbling Man for the title suggestion.
Release Information:
Editing Details:
The goal was to edit the film down to 90 minutes or less.
Cuts and Additions:
- Removed Indio smoking after killing Tomaso (Indio's Traitor)
- Removed Manco checking into the hotel
- Removed Manco kicking Martinez from his room
- Removed Manco enteering in his hotel room
- Removed Indio getting woken up by a the church bell getting shot
- Removed the boy telling Manco 4 of Indio's gang have arrived at El Paso.
- Removed Manco visiting the Prophet.
- Removed Indio's first flashback.
- Removed everything from the bank robbery to Indio letting the bountyhunters escape, so that the bountyhunters go directly to Aguas Calientes to hunt the bandits.
- Removed a line when Groggy confronts Indio, so that Groggy is the one that betrays him.
- Removed all scenes of Groggy holding Indio hostage.
- Trimmed the rape scene to make it less awkward and remove Mortimer's sister's unrealistic suicide.
- Trimmed final shootout.
- Removed shot of Manco retrieving the money from the tree

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