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FanFix August 06, 2012 3601
(Updated: September 06, 2012)
flyboy707 dec 14 2009

When this movie hit HBO, Showtime etc – it was played ALL THE TIME. So much so, that I could not bear watching for years afterward. When I watched this edit, it was the first time I had watch “Flatliners” in 10 years. This edit is great, CBB has created a great movie that i will watch in years to come. he successfully edited out a lot of “UGH” parts of the movie, with great skill, without hurting the plot or development of the characters. I ALWAYS hated (yes, strong word) the Baldwin character in the movie and now CBB has edit him to be a very tertiary character.

Excellent job. (My girlfriend is much more the horror fan than i am. she loved this edit. When she is happy … the I AM HAPPY !!!! ;-)
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