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Based on Havok's introduction, it sounds like we have kindred love affair with Flash Gordon. I was 10 when I saw the original, there was only one other person in the theatre besides my parents. It was like having my own private screening. And I loved every minute of it! At that age, I did not really notice the "cheese". To me, it was the ultimate in Space Opera Spectacle! Over the years, Flash Gordon has remained my all time favorite Guilty Pleasure Movie and I watch it repeatedly.

But I have always wondered if there was a way to tone the movie down a bit and bring it more in line with its comic strip origins or the Buster Crabbe serials?

And now I have my answer. And it is a definitive YES!

The movie is still silly and loaded with bad acting but the extreme camp is mercifully toned down or completely removed. The core plot remains intact and still plays well.

I love the menu design!

The cutting of Ming from the beginning is very smart, adds bit more drama and mystery. Though the cut from the starfield to opening credits is very abrupt, it should have been crossed faded or transitioned smoother.

Sometimes when you know a film so intimately, it is hard judge if all the cuts are seamless or not. Unfortunately for me, there are many such scenes throughout -- Ming's Palace and football sequence is an example of one of them for me.

As others have noted, there are a few audio dips and fades that are noticeable.

I was not a fan of the colour correction. Too much red for my tastes, particularly during the Earth scenes.

I think Havok successfully achieved his goals and has created a solid edit. I still prefer the original but this is a fast paced, entertaining alternate cut that I think Flash Gordon fans should definitely check out.

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