Flammable and Summer of the White Shark

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Original Release Date:
1971 / 1975
Original Running Time:
90 / 129
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Brief Synopsis:
A Steven Spielberg Double Feature of Duel and Jaws.
Intention was to recut my first "Battle" cut of Duel now in a short 31 minutes version with other music overdub. Also some technical improvements are done which was not possible in the first one. Jaws is simply a faster cut and the social life of Chief Brody is more on the background in this cut.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- Opening scene is cut, Mann is already on the road
- The radio sound is gone
- There are some very small cuts in the first scene when he drives to the Truck and in the first chase
- Gas station is cut, so also the phone conversation
- The Dialogue is almost gone, there are a few short lines of Mann and the two old guys when he crashes in front of the restaurant
- The Restaurant scene is cut, Mann stays in his car after the crash
- Bus driver and children are cut
- The Snake lady and the Phone booth scene is cut
- Asking for help to the old man and lady is cut, also in that scene there are some small cuts, like Mann is NOT walking to the Truck
- Some movie mistakes of the original are cut

Summer of the White Shark:
- Credits are cut (new credits)
- Attack on the first victim is a little bit trimmed
- I cut most of the scenes of the family of Brody, he has a family but that's it
- In most of the scenes unnecessary dialogue is cut
- Attack of the two fishermen is cut, (you don't see the shark so in the trashcan with it)
- Quint is a little (very little) nicer to Hooper in this edit, so no working class hero bullshit
- There are some scenes cut of Brody and Hooper (trimmed or cut like the visit of Hooper at Brody's house)
- Ellen Brody is way at the background in this cut
- On the boat of Quint the action scenes are now more "together" if you know what i mean
- The story of Quint about the sharks in the early days is cut, the following song is still in this edit
- Building the shark cage is cut

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