Fistful of Fingers, A

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Fistful of Fingers, A
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Edgar Wright made this film first during High School. He later remade it on a budget of £10,000 and shot it entirely in the English county of Somerset. It was picked up and distributed for a couple years on VHS before disappearing into obscurity - unlike Mr Wright himself. Don't expect the snazzy editing and pace of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, but a fledgling director who even back then was doing a fairly decent job.
Originally recorded by white43 from VHS to DVD - was then placed in the capable hands of nOmArch, who cropped, cleaned, enhanced this new version with DVD menus and everything. ThrowgnCpr was kind enough to reproduce the DVD artwork from the original VHS, which white43 recently updated on noticing a spelling mistake...
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ThrowgnCpr for the reproduction artwork and Reave for allowing this onto IFDB.
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Cover art by ThrowgnCpr (DOWNLOAD HERE) image