FEOTY 2021: Call for Nominations

Welcome to the 2021 edition of the “Oscars of the Fanedits”! Here is where we show our appreciation for those fanedits that positively stand out.

The annual FEOTY has multiple categories, different from the monthly FEOTM which is one category. These awards are more than a round of applause to the winning editors, they confirm a level of quality that helps us now and in future to evaluate which fanedits we choose to watch.


The eleven categories for FEOTY are:

a) “Fan Edit Of The Year”. This is the big one! All FEOTM winners are automatically entered into this category.
b) “Best TV to Movie Edit”.
c) “Best Extended Edition”.
d) “Best Short Of The Year”.
e) “Best Combination Fanedit”.
f) “Best Fan Edit by a New Editor”.
g) “Best New Fan Editor Of The Year”.
h) “Fan Editor Of The Year”. Because FE is a community, winners in this category tend to be not only technically outstanding editors, but active and helpful in the forums.
i) “Best Cover Art Of The Year”.
j) “Best Trailer Of The Year”. New as of this year.
k) “Paradigm Award”. An award for the fanedit that best shows the power and possibilities of fanediting. That makes you go “Wow, I hadn’t realized you could do that / make that work.”


Go, watch, enjoy, and vote!


Approved Faneditors may submit entries for FEOTY categories. FEOTY nominations are open until 11 April. For more information, to submit your nominations or to engage in the discussion, please visit the official thread on our forums.

You can also view the results of FEOTY 2020 here.