FEOTY 2019: The “Oscars of The Fanedits” Return

After years of absence, our annual “Oscars of the Fanedits” have returned. We’re very grateful to Lapis Molari, who has been able to organise and breathe new life into the much missed Fan Edit of The Year awards.

Having closed off FEOTY 2018 at the end of last year (see the results here), we’re now excited to be kicking off nominations for 2019.


The ten categories for FEOTY 2019 are:

  • “Fan Edit Of The Year”.
  • “Best TV to Movie Edit”.
  • “Best Extended Edition”.
  • “Best Short of The Year”.
  • “Best Combination Fanedit”.
  • “Best Fan Edit by a New Editor”.
  • “Best New Fan Editor of The Year”.
  • “Fan Editor of The Year”.
  • “Best Cover Art of the Year”.
  •  “Paradigm Award”.


FEOTY entries can be submitted by approved faneditors until 31st March, following which the voting polls will run for two months and be open to all active forum members until 31st May.

For more details (including rules) and to submit your nominations for FEOTY 2019, visit the official thread in our forums here.

You can also view the results of FEOTY 2018 here.