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I know It's not a faithful to the book edit. My comments would take that into account.

For the first part (first DVD) I rewatched the original movie to see the changes.

At Bilbos's party I would try to keep the dragon's firework scene. With the forthcoming release of "The Hobbit" it might be a good recall of it (better if you watch them consecutively). Also, there is a missing scene between Bilbo and Frodo that is not bad.
Otherwise, good editing and you removed Merry and Pippin (Thanks).

Cut some Sam's complains about sleep on the floor. Good choice.
Removing Elves's parade. Works well but also it's not a bad scene to let it in.

Saruman versus Gandalf. Fantastic job. I had in my mind to do something like this and you just did it perfect. Seamless job. No issues with the sound. Thanks for it!

First encounter with the Nazgul. Much better in general but I would try the Nazgul to don't get off the horse. I think that way it is going to be more frightening, also, it seems to me, he is too much close to the Hobbits, and, of course, to the ring. Must be the one blind, deaf, an without the sense of smell, Nazgul of the nine. Lucky Hobbits.

Clever edits at the river. Works much better for me.

Nice choice removing the Nazguls stabbing the Hobbits. I hate that scene. They look silly.

Weathertop scene. We have here one of the top edits in the movie if not the best. Despite it is a bit harsh in some transitions, the overal is wonderful, very well done. I had to rewatched because I was wondering how you did it. Still don't know how you tricked the Nazgul coming through the mist.
Exceeded my initial expectations. Very refreshing scene.

Now stating the hard part. I personally dislike-hate some of the incoming stuff (from the original movie); Arwen, Elrond and Rivendel in general.

Arwen first appearence. I dislike this scene but it's imposible to fix (where will be Glorfindel). At least you did it better removing some silly lines. Arwen don't caught Aragorn off guard, and removing the last lines of Sam: "What are you doing?!Those Wraiths are still out there!". Thanks.
Good choice removing a Nazgul trying to catch Frodo in the chace.

I don't like Arwen casting the spell. It seems to me she is too much powerful. She, all alone, defeats the Nazgul. It dosen't feel right. But, this is just a personal taste.
Thanks for removing the Nazgul going in the same direction of the wave and the last lines of Arwen "What grace is given me..." but it's still weird how she behave with Frodo. She just meet him. Don't know why is she so concern. Maybe cut the scene a bit before, when Frodo is still on the horse.

Some good cuts in Rivendel but I don't like the council and you leave it, I think, as it was. Two things bother me; Legolas responding to Boromir (don't know why he is so upset) and, more important, Gimli hitting the one ring with the axe. Augh, it's too silly even for him. Please, think about removing that.

Moria. You did some cuts at the battle scene and even It's well done I think it's good stuff to miss.
You removed the monkey orcs, thanks, and the ladder scene. I understand why but I like that scene.

I don't like the first appearance of the elves, pointing a bow at them very, very close. I don't know if it can be fixed. Also, Galadriel's telepathy feels weird to me.

Sudden transition with the music at 1:00:39.

There is an issue at the final part of the movie, when Aragorn let Frodo to go alone to mordor. Think about it. Aragorn who is a ranger with a lot of experience would let a Hobbit without any experience, go alone, even without Sam, with the one ring toward mordor? It's a totally suicide and jeopardizes the safety of the mission. I don't know what the scriptwriters were thinking about when they wrote it.
I know it's hard to fix but maybe you can do something.
Same for Merry and Pippin. We thougth they were friends but, hey, maybe they just hate Frodo. They must be thinking something like; "Go, Frodo, go alone and die in mordor".

The cuts are well done but again, you cut some good fight stuff that I like. I miss when Legolas shoot one after another arrows. Even I don't like him making odd movements It should be noted that he is an elf and It is one thing to do that kind of stuff and another the things he do in the next movies (to kill an mûmakil is a serious stuff).
There is another sudden transition with the music at 1:08 but it's not a big deal.

The overall edition is very good. Amazing work with the sound transitions and some scenes are a huge improvement from the original (Saruman fight, Weathertop, Bree...).
Let me emphasize how good is the fight scene between Gandalf and Saruman (even taking into account that the most remembered will be the Weathertop's scene). Spelledaren gets elevate it to new heights, thanks to a very good job of editing. Getting a more serious scene, forceful and convincing. It is, in short, a sample of their good work.

It's a pity that you don't go for a more faithful (to the book) edition because I believe you would do a great job.
My, personal, concerns about the edit would be (aside it's not a faithful edition);
Gimli smashing the ring.
The missing of some fight stuff in moria and in the forest at the end of the movie.
And the biggest of them; Aragorn's decision toward Frodo (same for Merry and Pippin).

Oh, and the video quality. It have saturated colors and some issue when a subtitle is displayed. I would be better if you could do it in HD 1080 or, at least, 720.

I would recommend this edition to the people who enjoy the original movie and wants an improved version.

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