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(Updated: September 04, 2012)
spelledaren feb 19 2009

It’s hard to not to judge this by comparision, as I’ve seen two other FotR edits recently (one of them from one of the editors on this project).
As such this stands on two good feet. The technical side is excellent, but sometimes I wish that the edit would be more daring, but for at least one thing it’s too daring instead!

The really brave part was including things read by one of the editors. By the ford of Bruinen it works great, excellent subtle and yet daring addition. that’s what I like! But during the battle of the last alliance it doesn’t work at all. It’s so clearly out of place, no narration at all would have been better.

Still didn’t like the stairway cut. The fellowship sees some corpses when entering Moria, but no mention is done of them. Slightly odd…or perhaps all dungeons in this world are littered with the bodies of the dead? :P

¨The editors has chosen to include the appearance of the orcs in the end, even though they first show up in the two towers book. I fully agree on this. I suppose it depends on how you view the book-cut part. Must it adhere strictly to the pages in the book? At least this way the ending makes sense.

There were too many scenes left unaltered (that I want to change) for me too go all the way with this. This is the most skilled FotR edit we have here, but for the first half of the movie, not the most entertaining one. And probably not the one that sticks most closely to the book either.

4 / 5 stars.

Looking forward to the rest.
Owner's reply September 04, 2012

(Hal 9000/KirkAFur here!) Phil and I put this fan edit together quite a while ago, but we did not proceed to do TTT or ROTK because Kerr debuted his marvelous edits at that point. I was surprised to be notified that somebody reviewed this fan edit, honestly. I would suggest checking out Kerr's book cuts and our (myself, Phil's, and Kerr's) collaborative "Sharkey's Purist Editions."
Thanks for the review, though!

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