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I was looking forward to watching this. I like giving experimental films a chance every few years. (so I'm not a fan of those, but have watched my share, just putting that out there) Being an MJ fan (and being able to say I saw him twice in concert) also intrigued me. And reading all these reviews, I was prepared to be blown away.

I was not.

Maybe the other reviewers aren't exposed to much film of this manner. Maybe there's a coolness factor because this type of mash-up isn't very common. It just didn't do it for me. If there were more subtle points behind the use of imagery and songs, it was lost on me.

What really took me out and bothered me and leads to my more leaning-to-the-negative is this:

the point where the editor uses MJ from Thriller, the zombie dance sequence. And uses a different piece of music. IMO, the music (any music) should have been in sync with the dancer's moves. MJ was a very accurate dancer, in terms of rhythm. And the editor puts him at odds with the beat of the chosen, different song. But only slightly. It's just off.

It's an experience and I'm sharing where the experience subjectively turned me off.

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