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Shorts July 19, 2011 1747
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Having not seen the original, I had no idea what to expect when watching the second in BlueYoda's (Fe) La Vie series. And now, after the experience, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

BlueYoda has created a bold Fanedit, exploring themes and thought strands rather than a traditional narrative. Normally such an endeavor would result in a complete indecipherable mess, but everything seems surprisingly tight and interconnected.

In my general interpretation, a tender prologue provides a glimpse into the innocent root of an idea that once existed, which appears to be trying to break through in more adult forms of media and expression throughout the remainder of the runtime. Not knowing the editor, perhaps this is not what was intended but rather what I needed to read out of it. Either way, it was a surprising experience of highs, lows, and discoveries. It made me think and feel in very untraditional but core ways.


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