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9.6 9 10
Shorts July 19, 2011 1576
This review is based on my opinions and my viewing experience. Nothing is meant as an attack. Spoiler warning.

This edit is pretty bad ass! It’s all very innovative and stimulating

I loved the random percision of jumping from one thing to the next, these switches never really seemed abrupt or out of place and it pushes the experience forward just right.

There seemed to be an internal battle of wills, something i can relate to, i think this was handled nicely, it has a cool yet dangerous feel, on the edge, seemed a bit melencholy at times and was 100% awesome.

My one and only complaint is the changing aspect ratios, I dont like changing aspect ratios within a film. It didn’t ruin the experience at all, but to me the edit is a bit incomplete because of this.

Audio was perfect, no jumpy volume or nothing

Hilarious menu!

9 out of 10!

Side Notes: I really really like this edit and found it very inspiring, thank’s for putting it together, blue I think this should be required viewing among the community here.
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