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Shorts October 26, 2014 4354
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Taken from a wonderful movie, this was a nice watch to make me remember it. Unfortunately towards the end of the short for me it was not able to stand on its own feet and was mostly remembering the intense ride I had with the original. I am not sure, what caused it, but I assume it was too close to the original movie. The editing was very well done, video- and audiowise. NJVC obviously knows what he is doing and chose a very sentimental theme for his time travel short, which he treated with respect and deep care. Thanks for making me remember "About Time".
As usual I added one point to narrative and enjoyment to adapt to the spirit of FE ratings.
The ending about Tim's theories of time travelling and not doing it felt to me a bit rushed, because all the experiences he made to get there, were not in the fanedit.

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